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Education Development Consult

Education development Consult (EDC) is the private and deliverables driven company legally registered in Rwanda and headquartered in Rwanda with the focus on educational support activities including but not limited to teacher Continuous professional development (CPD), training content, Inclusive and play based Teaching and Learning Materials and books development , research and assessment as well as inclusive digital learning in literacy and education technology in Africa

Call for Data Collectors – Ejo Heza  Programme Baseline and Geographical Information System Mapping

  1. About Education Development Consult

Education Development Consult is a Global Research, Education and technology focused consulting firm legally registered and headquartered in Rwanda. Through its deliverables financing approach, EDC focusses on Teaching and Learning Resources and Teacher Capacity Development,   Research and education Technology to improve the learning outcomes.  For more information click on  or Visit us at our offices located in Remera Sector, Umuyenzi Plaza 3rd Floor KG 5RD

  1. Our Mission

To empower the young generation and communities through the development of quality and inclusive Education in Africa

  1. Our Vision

To be the champion for improving the quality of education and transforming the lives of the low income families in Africa.

  1. Our Values
  • Partnership: We strive to establish and sustain fruitful partnerships
  • We act with honest and integrity: We strive to be true in whatever we do in all locations we operate.
  • Excellence: We strive to empower and equip people to serve to the best of their ability and to develop high quality innovative models of practice that can be shared with others.
  • We Care: we strive to care, protect the children and communities
  • We are Team: Diverse, yet supportive, aligned and not Divide.
  1. Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of this baseline and GIS study is to provide information to EDC’s Client against which to monitor and assess progress and effectiveness of the project to its goal and monitor its contribution to the objectives of the National Strategy. Baseline values and mapped assets/infrastructures in the operation area facilitate to assess the effect of the program and to compare what happens before and after the program has been implemented.

The baseline activity will allow data collection on key programme outcomes and outputs indicators which are also contributing to the National office strategy. For indicators at the output level, the baseline values will be collected mainly through a desk review exercise.

  1. General Objective of the Baseline

The following specific objectives will guide the scope of the baseline:

  1. To baseline the economic resilience and livelihood outcome indicators of 108, 849 population from 23,662 households.
  2. To benchmark outcome indicators of child care, child participation, protection and education for boys and girls within families and communities
  3. To measure the level of access to water, hygiene and sanitation in Ejoheza community, especially in the most vulnerable families.
  4. To baseline gender-based needs priorities, vulnerabilities and the root causes of upholding negative gender and social norms and practices.
  5. To identify and map all WASH, Health, Education and Livelihood related infrastructures in Ejoheza AP operation area.

7. Scope of Work

To achieve the above mentioned objectives, Education Development Consult is hiring 40 enumerators to collect the data from teachers, Parents/ Caregivers and learners in 4 sectors of Nyamasheke District Namely Kirimbi, Gihombo, Macuba and Mahembe sector offices.

8. Qualifications and experience 

  • Bachelor’s degree in education with sciences, Statistics, WASH, Health and other related Field.
  • At least 3 years of experience conducting the data collection assignments  in sub Saharan Africa preferably in Rwanda. Working with NGOs or private sector is a plus.
  • Having the Knowledge of using Tablets or Smartphones to collect the data
  • The candidate should have the functional smartphone for use to collect the required data if needed.
  • Willing to attend the training of data collectors to be refreshed with knowledge and methodologies to appropriately deliver the assignment.
  • Willing to travel wherever across the country to conduct the assignments.
  • Willing to work in the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Ready to start the assignment as soon as possible once hired

Candidates from Kirimbi, Gihombo, Macuba and Mahembe sectors of Nyamasheke district are encouraged to apply

  1. Application 

If you are interested please send your CV including three professional referees and motivation letter explaining your interest for the position by January 19th, 2024 at 5:00 PM Rwanda Time.  Kindly put Ejo Heza Baseline and GIS Mapping and the Name of your preferred Sector in the subject line.

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next stage *

*Disclaimer: Education Development Consult does not charge any kind of fee at whichever stage of the recruitment process*

Ms.Uwayezu Clementine

Chief Operations Officer, pub-2302952964908443, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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